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History of commemoration

VCU is thoughtfully considering how it might address safety, student, faculty, and curriculum concerns related to symbols of the Confederacy, slavery, white supremacy, and other items of an exclusionary nature that may exist on our campuses. Read more about this important work here.


VCU Comprehensive Economic Impact Report

CURA@VCU published a report measuring and analyzing the economic and social impacts of VCU on Richmond, the broader region and the state. Learn more about VCU’s contributions to the area’s talent, innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, regional stewardship and the local culture. Read the report.


University Annual Report

The 2017–18 University Annual Report highlights major advancements at Virginia Commonwealth University and the extraordinary accomplishments of VCU students, faculty, staff and alumni. View the University Annual Report. View the University Annual Report.


Shared Governance Statement

VCU’s model of shared governance reflects our mission of fostering collaboration, transparency and trust among individuals and groups across the university. Read our statement to learn more about our shared governance model and the philosophy behind it. Download the statement.


Grow by Degrees

Grow by Degrees is a statewide campaign that aims to expand job opportunities and economic growth in Virginia through reform-based reinvestment in the state’s higher education system. Priorities include awarding 100,000 more college degrees by 2025. Read more about the campaign.


Enterprise risk management

VCU’s enterprise risk management program is a comprehensive approach to identifying risks that could severely impact the university. Read more about the program.

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