We are the model of what a truly public research university should be, and we define ourselves by who we include and whose lives we lift.

– Michael Rao, Ph.D., VCU President
2023 State of the University

VCU is not like the rest. In a world of the common, we are the UNCOMMON

We are VCU, an inclusive public research university and health care system where accessibility combines with excellence to produce exceptional educational and healing results.

Together, we are dedicated to serving the needs of students and patients.

We impact lives through focused global partnerships and commitment to our communities. We research solutions to societal challenges and ignite transformative innovation that matters to the people who need us most.

We prove every day that different works.

We are united by purpose, devoted to inclusion and driven by impact.

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Diversity driving excellence

We champion diversity, equity and inclusion in all that we do and advance a conscientious drive to support a climate where excellence and success for all people are valued and differences are celebrated.

Research and innovation

We distinguish VCU as a vibrant public research university where researchers, educators, practitioners and entrepreneurs innovate together to improve lives and address societal challenges.

Student success

We ignite student success through curricular innovation, a holistic culture of care and an engaged and empowered workforce.

Thriving communities

We deliver on our commitment to solving social and health inequities in partnership with communities.


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