As I look to our future, it is clear that the needs of our students come first in everything that we do at VCU. Focusing on transformative experiences is how we will help them, and VCU, reach our fullest potential.”

– Michael Rao, Ph.D., President, VCU and VCU Health System
2022 State of the University

Making our movement a reality

During this unique moment in time, VCU is leading a movement that makes an equitable, healthy and prosperous future a reality for all human beings. We're focused on creating the most impactful student and patient experience in the nation through:

Transformative research

Expanding interdisciplinary research in biomedical, engineering, humanities and social sciences and developing real-world applications to improve the quality of human life

Collaborative engagement

Bringing together the expertise of faculty across departments, the passion of our students and the support of our community partners to solve society’s most complex challenges

Access to health

Improving the health care experience and quality of care for all patients through innovative new services and easier access to life-saving medications and procedures

Student success

Ensuring every student can succeed at VCU by addressing barriers to graduation, providing innovative teaching models and promoting our core values of diversity, inclusion and equity

One VCU Better Together

We are preparing for a robust and exciting campus experience this fall. Life at VCU will feel more familiar, but also different as we incorporate new skills, new solutions and newfound appreciations for collaborative work and different ways of learning. The lessons we’ve learned during the pandemic have made us better together and continue to shape our plans for fall 2021.

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